STIGA® Table Hockey Replacement Parts

Official STIGA® replacement parts for your Table Hockey Game.
Manufacturer: STIGA®
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All parts on STIGA Stanley Cup Table Hockey Games are replaceable.

All control rods include the gear mechanism and the white pin attached to the players. Gears are not available separately, you must purchase the entire control rod.

Please Note: STIGA® teams & parts only fit STIGA® games.

Goal Counter Strips
Score Counters - 2 pcs.
SKU: 7111-9072-01

$2.00 (CAD)
Picture of STIGA Table Hockey Game Stand
STIGA Table Hockey Game Stand

Can be configured to different heights.

An excellent alternative to put your games on.
Fits all STIGA games.

SKU: 71-1938-01

$39.00 (CAD)
Picture of 3- Pack Pucks
3- Pack Pucks
SKU: 7111-9079-01

$5.80 (CAD)
Picture of Ice Sheet (NHL)
Ice Sheet (NHL)
SKU: 7111-0393-03

$20.00 (CAD)
SKU: 7111-0348-01

$7.75 (CAD)
Handles, Black (6)
SKU: 7111-9015-00

$5.20 (CAD)
Goal Set (2)
SKU: 7111-9026-00

$5.20 (CAD)
Leg Set (4)
SKU: 7111-9074-01

$7.00 (CAD)
Control Rod, Centre
SKU: 7111-9083-01

$10.00 (CAD)
Control Rod, Goalie
SKU: 7111-9083-02

$10.00 (CAD)
Control Rod, Right Defense
SKU: 7111-9083-03

$10.00 (CAD)
Control Rod, Right Wing
SKU: 7111-9083-04

$10.00 (CAD)
Control Rod, Left Defense
SKU: 7111-9083-05

$10.00 (CAD)
Control Rod, Left Wing

SKU: 7111-9083-06

$10.00 (CAD)


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